Gifts Of Faith: Inspiring And Encouraging Gift Ideas For The Christian Woman In Your Life

Posted on: 29 October 2015

Whether you are shopping for a gift for a birthday, anniversary, or holiday celebration, choosing the right gift for the Christian woman in your life is important. The perfect gift is one that the recipient will remember long after the wrapping paper is discarded.

A carefully chosen gift says you care, and a gift of faith will delight any Christian woman. Knowing that you took the time to select a gift she loves will make the occasion even more special.

Christian Jewelry

Christian women enjoy sharing their faith with others. However, they also don't want to offend others who may not practice the same faith. Wearing Christian jewelry lets them share their faith in a subtle way that is not offensive to those of different faiths.

Jewelry engraved with a Christian symbol is a good choice. Some popular symbols to choose from are crosses, anchors, or fish. Not only do these symbols look elegant on necklaces, rings or bracelets, but they also hold a significant spiritual meaning for the ones wearing them.

A New Bible

A new Bible is always a welcome gift for a Christian woman. There are numerous styles and translations to choose from. Women's study and devotional Bibles are available in a variety of translations. An easy-to-read translation can make reading the bible fresh and new.

A few easy-to-read versions include

  • The New Living Translation Bible
  • The Message Bible
  • The New English Standard Version Bible
  • The New International Version Bible

Choose a bible binding in her favorite color if possible. Bibles are manufactured in a wide range of colors. Whether she loves pink, purple, or red, you will probably be able to find a bible in a color that suits her. Having the Bible engraved with her name is a nice touch that will make the gift personal.

A good Bible marking set is always appreciated. Look for markers specifically for marking bibles that won't bleed through thin pages. Good quality markers will allow her to highlight and underline her favorite passages of scripture and keep her bible pages free from smudges.

A Bible Cover

A good Bible cover will protect her new or existing bible for years to come. Bible covers can be purchased in any color or style. Leather and vinyl covers are often engraved with scripture verses for additional inspiration. A cover with pockets inside will also give her a place to store marking pens, highlighters, and study notes.

Inspirational Books

Good inspirational fiction or non-fiction books will help to strengthen her faith. Find out if she loves romance, mystery, or prefers to read the latest self-help books. Daily devotional books are good choices for busy women.

A book series tied together with a nice ribbon or bow will give her plenty hours of reading pleasure.

Framed Art

A beautiful framed print to hang above her desk or in her home will serve as a daily reminder of her faith. Find out what her favorite scripture verse is and look for art imprinted with the scripture she loves.

Choosing the perfect inspirational gift for the Christian woman in your life is a great way to show her how much you care. The right inspirational gift will help her share and nurture her faith long after the special occasion has passed.