Tips for Creating a Care Package for a Mourner

Posted on: 21 September 2016

Someone who has recently lost a loved one is likely going through one of the darkest periods of their life. It can be overwhelming, and their moods may change drastically from one moment to the next. Many people seek therapy and self-help paths in the aftermath of a death because they have a hard time dealing with the loss. There is only so much that concerned friends can do for someone who is mourning, but one caring act that can make a difference is giving the bereaved person a care package.

Give Items of Religious Significance

One of the things that often brings people the most solace during their time of grief is religion. Give items that relate to their religion to help them feel better. For example, if the person is Catholic, you may want to include a Catholic statue. Catholic statues that remind the bereaved of their deceased loved one can bring immense comfort and be something they always treasure.

Include a Creative Sympathy Note

While the contents of the care package can provide a lot of comfort in and of themselves, a creative sympathy note can tie all of the contents together and truly comfort someone in mourning. Here are some ideas of what you can include: 

  • Tell the person that you are there, then go on to give the details of all your contact information. That includes being real about the best way to contact you. If you are an email person who ignores your phone, include that fact. Letting the person know how they can realistically get in touch with you for a fast response can be the greatest gift of the care package.
  • Express how much you care about the person. Just hearing that they are loved can help a bereaved person feel a great deal of comfort.
  • Share memories of the deceased. If you knew he person who has passed away, share positive memories. If you have specific memories of the person singing the praise of the bereaved, talk about that. If you didn't know the deceased, simply acknowledge what you know of the mourner's relationship to the deceased person.

Provide Planned Activities

One of the things that someone may need to do when in mourning is simply get out of the house. That can be hard to do for some people. If the person has children, include a note that explains that you will provide babysitting services for a certain night of the week to allow the person to go out or have some healthy alone time. Beyond that, also include gift cards or tickets to events. It can be something simple like movie tickets or a gift card to dinner at a café.

Finally, keep in mind that it truly is the thought that counts. Put a lot of thought into creating a care package that truly addresses the things that the mourner will most likely need the most during this difficult time. When you give them the care package, you are sure to also be giving them one of their brightest moments during this sad time, and that may create a lasting memory.