• Tips for Creating a Care Package for a Mourner

    Someone who has recently lost a loved one is likely going through one of the darkest periods of their life. It can be overwhelming, and their moods may change drastically from one moment to the next. Many people seek therapy and self-help paths in the aftermath of a death because they have a hard time dealing with the loss. There is only so much that concerned friends can do for someone who is mourning, but one caring act that can make a difference is giving the bereaved person a care package. [Read More]

  • Planning Your Mission Trip To A Rainy Climate? What Should You Do To Prepare?

    If you're planning to spend the next two years on a mission trip in the Pacific Northwest, Central or South America, or another part of the world known for record rainfall, you may be wondering about the transition from a drier lifestyle. Being a missionary can be physically grueling work at times, and you'll want clothing and gear that can stand up to anything Mother Nature can bring. You'll also want to avoid spending more money than budgeted by buying needed supplies just as the season's harshest weather kicks in. [Read More]